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Despite their appearance, these cute fluffy-tailed rodents can cause major issues for homeowners. Squirrels can get into attics through small openings and cause extensive damage to your insulation by shredding it and leaving behind a large amount of waste. Squirrel insulation damage can lower the effectiveness of your home's ability to heat and cool. 

Keeping Squirrels Out 

Red Squirrel Nibbling on Bird Seed On San Jose PropertyAs opportunistic critters, squirrels can create an excessive amount of damage to yards and fields by digging for food sources. Squirrels are definitely a nuisance animal for many residents in the San Jose area, although in many states they are a protected game animal. Our professional technicians know how to remove squirrels quickly and humanely, and they also know how to keep them from returning to your home. With that being said, you can save yourself the headache and hassle of trying to remove them on your own (which is not recommended). Some things that your San Jose technician may implement to get rid of your squirrel problem and repair your home include: 

  • Humane squirrel trapping (live trapping) 
  • New insulation installed and removal of insulation
  • One-way vents and screens to keep squirrels out 

Common Squirrel Problems

  • Damages due to chewing on walls, furniture, siding, and electrical boxes and wiring
  • Contamination and damage to insulation
  • Carrying and spreading germs and disease
  • Yard and garden damage
  • Damage to landscape and buildings 

Full-Service San Jose Squirrel Control

It's best to leave this work to the professionals at Critter Control of San Jose. We have the tools, traps, and experience to effectively remove squirrels, repair damages, and keep them from coming back. We are professionally trained to provide insulation removal, damage cleanup, and insulation installation to return your home to its previous condition.

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