Squirrel Problems?

Squirrels are typically harmless and definitely adorable, but they can cause a host of issues for homeowners. Squirrels can get into attics through small openings and cause extensive damage to your insulation by shredding it and leaving behind a gross amount of waste. Damage to insulation can lower the effectiveness of your home's ability to heat and cool, which . Damaged insulation can also encourage pests. 408.915.2172

Common Squirrel Issues

  • Damages due to chewing on walls, furniture, siding, and electrical boxes and wiring.
  • Contamination and damage to insulation.
  • The ability to carry and spread germs and disease.
  • Yard and garden damage.

Critter Control's Squirrel Solutions

It's best to leave this work to the professionals at Critter Control. We have the tools, traps, and experience to effectively remove squirrels, repair damages, and keep them from coming back. We are professionally trained to provide insulation removal, damage cleanup, and insulation installation to return your home to its previous condition.

Because squirrels are great jumpers, climbers, and fast crawlers, they are very hard to keep under control and trap.

We can help you get rid of squirrel problems. Call Critter Control of San Jose today. 408.915.2172

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Squirrels may look like cute little creatures, but it's not cute when they invade your house and chew things up. Call Critter Control today for immediate squirrel removal solutions.

If you're hearing animal noises like these, then there is a squirrel in your house.
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