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Common across the nation, roof rats—like their fellow rodent relatives—cause much damage to structures and contamination to human food and homes. They are named for their tendency to be found in and near roofs. If you spot one of these unhygienic critters in your home, call Critter Control of San Jose today!

Roof Rat management in San JoseThe most effective way to keep unwanted roof rats away from private property is to maintain clean and sanitary homes.

  • Keep counters clean of crumbs, secure garbage bins with tightly sealed lids, and put away outdoor pet food to discourage rats from looking for food in and around your San Jose home.
  • Eliminating potential nesting sites and points of entry also reduce the possibility of infestation.
  • Trim overgrown shrubbery, cut vines off fences, and maintain tree limbs so that none hang over homes providing easy access to rooftops and attics.

Common Roof Rat Damages

Dealing with a roof rat infestation can be an overwhelming situation. Animals like roof rats are known to cause significant damage to homes and supplies of food. Roof rats can be found in dark and isolated spaces like attics and vacant lofts. Some common roof rat damages these small rodents can be responsible for include:

  • contaminate and further damage human food.
  • are known carriers of dangerous diseases and germs.
  • damage attics and rooftops due to their constant gnawing.
  • cause destruction of ductwork, drywall, and insulation with their waste.
  • cause roofing damage such as soffits, fascia boards, and shingles.

San Jose Roof Rat Control

If you've seen any indication of roof rats inside your home, call Critter Control of San Jose immediately. Like most rodents, roof rat populations multiply exponentially, so it's important to get them out them quickly and thoroughly to decrease the chances of extensive damage to your home. Critter Control of San Jose's trained professionals have the cutting-edge tools and know-how to get rid of your roof rat issues. After we remove the roof rats, we can restore your home to its original pre-animal condition.

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Roof Rats
Rats living in your crawl space or walls? Disappearing pet food? Dead rats or rat droppings in your attic? These may well be signs of a rat infestation. Call Critter Control of San Jose today for effective rodent cleanup, rat removal, and exclusion services.
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