Small Brown House Mouse With Nut Cache in San Jose Home

Critter Control of San Jose House Mice Solutions

Critter Control of San Jose is the mice control expert of San Jose! Have a mouse infestation and need the problem taken care of? Critter Control of San Jose provides quick, humane, and effective mouse control that you can rely on. Call Critter Control of San Jose today: [PHONE] or Contact Us online.

The majority of San Jose homeowners have experienced a rodent intrusion at one point in their home-owning tenure. Mice are not known for being sneaky, and the presence of these rodents is easily identified. Unfortunately, these tiny critters are commonly found inside San Jose homes (and are also common across the world).

Mice Control Services

The common house mouse is an adaptive rodent that prefers to live among humans for easy access to food and shelter. Mice are small and agile, with great jumping, climbing, and swimming abilities.

Common Mice Issues

Mice will get into your San Jose home for a number of reasons; most reasons mice get in your home are food-related. They also seek shelter— protection from predators and the elements. Learn more about the calls we receive regarding mice issues in the Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area below:

  • Most mice damage comes from their need to constantly chew and gnaw on things. They often chew on wood, books, support beams, and electrical wires. 
  • Mice are very unhygienic rodents, opting to spend the majority of their time in dumpsters and sewers. Mice can carry a host of germs and diseases.
  • When found in kitchen cupboards and pantries, which they often are, mice can cause food contamination.
  • Mice are known carriers of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. They also harbor rodent-borne diseases like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and more.

Critter Control of San Jose House Mice Solutions

Mice aren't very good at keeping their presence hidden from humans, so infestations can be detected early. Once the first signs of activity appear, property owners should contact the professionals at Critter Control to deal with the problem. Our trained technicians have the tools and extensive knowledge of house mouse behavior to quickly and safely remove infestations and provide the repairs needed to keep them from getting back in.

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Critter Control of San Jose is proud to provide mouse exclusion services to the following areas: San Jose, Sunnyvale & Santa Clara.



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Small rodents like house mice can cause a large amount of damage, and taint hundreds of dollars worth of food. Learn how to identify a mouse problem in your home by clicking on the button below to hear what mice sound like!
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