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There are about 60 species of ground squirrels in the world. Though they range widely in appearance, ground squirrels share similar diets, shelter preferences, and daytime activities. As their name indicates, these squirrels mostly stick to the ground even though they are excellent climbers. Ground squirrels make shelters underground and dig extensive tunnels, which can lead to problems on properties with expensive landscaping or crop fields.Ground Squirrel management services in San Jose

Each species reacts differently to various repellant techniques, so the proper identification of the inhibiting pest is vital. For this reason, ground squirrel removal is best handled by professionals. Animal control specialists have eradicated many squirrel infestations in the past and offer the best tools and experience to deal with individual problems. Once ground squirrels have been removed, check consistently for returning animals. The resilient species often try to retake lost burrow systems and inhabit old dens left over from other colonies.

Control and Safety

Ground squirrels can be dangerous when cornered, as threatened squirrels bite and scratch to reach safety. Deter entry by sealing small openings large enough to entice the squirrels indoors, and limit possible food sources both inside and outside. Most reported problems arise from the animal's predisposition for building extensive tunnel systems. Ground squirrel control is difficult when large numbers of the pest are around. Hiring trained professionals is a sure way to effectively control populations of ground squirrels.


Are ground squirrels known to enter homes or yards?
Ground squirrels often gain entry to homes via small openings, though the seasoned tunnel builders prefer outside underground environments for shelter. However, that's not to say they won't attempt a home invasion. Buildings that provide shelter and food often attract the small rodents, which can lead to headaches down the road.


Do ground squirrels harm people or property?
In general, ground squirrels near homes or businesses cause quite a bit of damage. The wild animals gnaw on building structures and leave behind hazardous biological waste, which causes disease if left alone. As tunneling rodents, ground squirrels can damage flowers, crops, and healthy lawns. Tunnel systems can extend to great lengths, having been reported to cover distances of more than 30 feet at times. The numerous entrance holes to these tunnels threaten the well-being of livestock and can lead to damaged machinery and personal injury.

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Ground Squirrels
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