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Relatives of domestic dogs, foxes live throughout the world on every continent except Antarctica. They are traditionally noted for being resourceful, intelligent, and cunning, qualities that also contribute to their status as nuisance pests. Foxes can adapt to most types of habitats found within their range, and they frequently live in areas where human activity results in the high availability of food, water, and shelter. The most common species in the United States are the red fox and the gray fox.Fox management services in San Jose

Despite their charming appearances and playful behaviors, foxes bite when they are cornered. As such, individuals should never approach these wild animals. Critter Control specialists have extensive knowledge of pest removal and the experience to safely navigate removal. Our trained technicians make sure eradication is humane.

Foxes are predators and, as such, can cause extensive damage to farms and private property.

  • Foxes are notorious for killing entire populations of chickens. They often kill more than necessary in an attempt to store food for later.
  • Foxes in urban environments may destroy private property and ransack garbage containers for food.
  • Foxes are common carriers of rabies and other diseases; as such, they should never be approached by an untrained professional.

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