Animal Exclusion Services

Attic entry and damage in San Jose homeIn order to effectively prevent wildlife animals from getting into your home and onto your property, the professionals at Critter Control of San Jose may implement multiple methods of modification to complete the wildlife prevention job.

Habitat modification refers to the process of identifying and limiting wildlife animals' access to water, food and shelter. Common techniques of exclusion can include sealing possible points of entry, screen venting and other barriers to prevent wildlife intrusions.

  • Different types of exclusion techniques tend to be more effective than others, for numerous reasons. For example, how effective a technique is can depend on the intelligence of the animal species and their preferred habits.
  • Incorrect wildlife control techniques can actually cause an undesirable outcome, including animals learning to avoid traps and bait.
  • Critter Control of San Jose's wildlife professionals have extensive experience in handling all aspects of wildlife animal control. We can promptly identify your wildlife problems and assist you in developing an effective defense plan.
  • To develop effective wildlife proofing techniques, call Critter Control of San Jose.

Keeping wildlife out of certain areas of your home, or excluding wildlife, can be one of the most effective methods of long-term control, especially if your property has been damaged by said animals.

Opossum prevention in San JoseTrapping of the nuisance animal will help resolve your current animal issues, but it does not address returning animals or future wildlife issues. Locating animal entry points and implementing wildlife repairs and exclusion methods can all greatly reduce the chance of future animal infestations.

  • Whether there are raccoons in the attic or mice inside the walls, Critter Control of San Jose will identify all potential animal entry points.
  • Rats inside the ceilings or crawlspaces, bats inside homes, mice inside the attic and skunks that get under houses are all in these locations because they've found a way inside, and it's our job to resolve that.
  • We will implement our strategies of prevention to ensure the wildlife is permanently eliminated and the chance of a return is less likely.
  • Critter Control of San Jose will provide home repair and prevention services like vent screening, chimney capping, closing entry holes and more.

Animal Exclusion Points 

  • Chimney — Chimney capping and screening chimneys can both help with animal entry prevention.
  • Plumbing vents — Wildlife animals often get stuck inside plumping pipes when they attempt entry into a home.
  • Fascia and roof spaces — Incorrectly sealed points between fascias and roofs are an easy target for wildlife animals.
  • Roof vents — Flimsy and lightweight vents should be replaced with sturdy and secure roof vents.
  • Bathroom exhaust vents and oven exhaust vents — Installing screening to existing vents can help in making sure animals stay out.
  • Soffit and roof intersection — Securing gaps will assist in preventing animals from chewing their way in.
  • Siding holes — Reinforcing and repairing existing holes in your siding will help discourage animal infestation.
  • Deck and porch — Durable screening around the base of these areas will help prevent animals from nesting there.
  • Landscaping and trees — Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation can assist in  limiting access points that wildlife animals can use to get into your home.

While some wildlife appear small and harmless, it is important to remember there are many dangers associated with all sizes of wild animals. From diseases and parasites to painful bites, a wildlife encounter can become a serious health risk. To protect yourself and your family, call a trained professional to inspect all wildlife issues.

The Wildlife Exclusion Professionals

Raccoon exclusion in San JoseSince 1983, Critter Control has built itself upon humane wildlife exclusion and environmentally responsible techniques for taking care of nuisance wild animal problems. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound wildlife exclusion services. We work with you to develop a plan to remove and exclude the nuisance wildlife pest, prevent future animal infestation and repair animal damage. Critter Control backs it up with our animal exclusion guarantee – “Our Repairs Keep Animals Out!”

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Critter Control handles wild animals only. Please call your local shelter if you have a domestic animal issue.

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