Entry-point Repair

Each home has a plethora of entry points to seal, including the various vents on your San Jose home. Soffits, attic vents, louvres, and fan vents can all be damaged by the wildlife in the area and need to be taken care of to keep the home sealed from unwanted guests. 

Let us keep unwanted critters out of your attic by installing animal-proof screens in/over existing vents. Roof vent guards are durable and are sure to keep squirrels, bats, mice, birds, and more from entering your attic. We also provide animal-proofing materials to keep the rest of your home sealed. 

Why do Entry Points Attract Animals?louvre screening in San Jose

Animals are always looking for a safe and cozy place to make their home. The heat that is released from the vents in your home makes for a warm spot for animals to invite themselves into. Animals can fit into smaller holes and spaces than we would think. For example, mice can fit into a hole the width of a pencil!

Squirrels will take advantage of worn-out soffits because the soft wood is easy to break through in their hunt for their next meal. This is when soffit vent replacement is important--it will ensure your home is protected from them. 

Raccoons can't fit into quite as small of spaces. They will use the dexterity in their paws to rip through any weak vent covers. Attic vent mesh is a tool we use to prevent raccoons from ripping apart vent covers. We also perform soffit vent replacement if raccoons have already done their damage!

Rodents will wiggle into the tiniest holes, so it's important that all holes around your attic vents are sealed. Rodent-proof soffit vents, attic vent mesh, and gable vent mesh screens are all essential to keeping your home free from infestations. 

Implementing the correct preventative measures, including animal-proof screens and rodent-proof wire mesh, can save you a headache from infestation down the road. 

Attic Vent Screens

Attic vent screens add a layer of protection to your home beyond the attic vent itself. Because the gaps in the attic vent screen are so wide, birds and other animals often make their way into your attic through the vent. Adding attic vent mesh protects your home from wildlife invaders.

Soffits are another common place for wildlife to enter without proper screening. Rodents can fit through holes the size of a dime, and have sharp teeth that allow them to chew their way inside your home if it's not properly sealed! Our experts can install rodent-proof soffit vents to ensure these critters don't disrupt you and your home. If you have a soffit vent that has been damaged from weather or an animal, we offer soffit vent replacement as well. We will ensure the soffit vent is in good shape before screening it!

Keeping wildlife out of your home means sealing all the vents to your home, including attic, soffit, and gable vents. Gable vent mesh screens are another part of keeping your home protected from critters. If you are looking to keep critters out for good, it's essential to ensure all your home vents are sealed! 

How to Repair Soffit & Vent Covers

Repairing soffit and vent covers involves adding critter-proof materials to the holes in the home. An expert from Critter Control of San Jose will identify current and potential wildlife entry points. Animals like rodents can fit through a hole the size of a dime, but luckily our experts are trained to spot and seal all these little holes!

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