Inspection Services

Critter Control is a full-service company. When we come to your home, we’ll inspect your property inside and out using our copyrighted AEW (Animal Entry Worksheet) so we can locate any and all problem areas and offer you the safest and most cost-effective solutions.

We specialize in critter removal as well as prevention to ensure you won’t worry about unwanted animals damaging your home in the future. 

We provide our services to: 

  • homeowners
  • property management companies
  • industrial and commercial clients
  • municipalities
  • Fortune 500 companies

How much does wildlife removal cost?

When you hear those strange noises in your San Jose home, you may be wondering how much wildlife removal costs. This will differ based on your home, how in-depth the wildlife problem is, and what animal is causing the problem.

A full wildlife inspection will allow us to evaluate the wildlife issue and make a plan to eradicate it.

What services does Critter Control evaluate for? 

Our office offers many services to cover any wildlife problem you may be facing, including:

How do you remove wildlife in your home?

The experts at Critter Control of San Jose have a variety of techniques we use to remove wildlife from your home safely and humanely. Some of the techniques we use include trapping, one-way doors, and animal-specific repellents. 

We understand that every wildlife situation is unique, and to humanely remove the animals in your home, each situation requires a unique solution. We create a custom plan for every wildlife problem. Some of the questions we ask before starting a wildlife removal process include:

  • What species is causing the problem? It is a problem at all or an immediate danger to you or your family?
  • How serious is the wildlife problem? We look at the health and safety concerns to your family and pets to understand the sense of urgency the problem requires. 
  • What steps can we take to take care of the problem in the must humane way? Not all methods of wildlife removal are best for each animal. We take care to ensure we remove the wildlife problem with as little disturbance to the animal as possible. 

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