Preventing Future Wildlife Damage in San Jose

Foundation vents are an important part of a wildlife control system. Your foundation provides a safe and warm home for animals to make their nests and have their babies. It takes a physical barrier to keep them out.

Animals that Live in San Jose Foundation VentsFoundation vent repair in San Jose


Raccoons are the biggest threat to your San Jose foundation vents. They will use the space to have their babies, which makes the situation even more dangerous to handle. Attempting to remove raccoons and their babies is not a DIY project and should be left to professionals. If you come face-to-face with a mother raccoon, the situation will likely not end well. 


Part of your seasonal home check should be to see if rodents have chewed your foundation vent cover. If the cover seems damaged, you may have mice or rats living inside. Rodents have very sharp teeth, and they are always chewing, so the cover over your foundation vent is a common spot for damage. 

If rodents get into your foundation vent, they will likely infest your crawlspace. Their droppings will soil the area, including the insulation in the space. If you think there may be rodents in your foundation vent, it should be a top priority to take care of the issue. 


Opossums will use your foundation vent as a safe space to den as they frequently change their den location, especially in the winter. They may also have their babies in your San Jose foundation vent, which can create quite the mess. Foundation vents are essential to keeping these marsupials out from under your home. 

Once we've removed the problem wildlife from your crawlspace, we repair and prevent any future damage. By screening foundation vents, installing chimney caps and screens, and closing entry holes, you are reducing the opportunity for wildlife animals to return to your property. Call Critter Control of San Jose for more information on solving all your animal problems! 408.915.2172 or Contact Us