Protect Your Chimney from Animal Intruders

Critter Control of San Jose provides a wide variety of animal prevention products and services that will cover all your wildlife prevention needs. After we remove the offending wildlife animals, we will fix the damage and install cutting-edge prevention techniques. Sunnyvale and Santa Clara residents need to protect their chimneys so animals like bats, birds, and raccoons won't be drawn inside homes.

How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Chimney

  • Repairing vents

chimney cap and screen in San JoseIt's easy for our chimney vents to degrade over time. Motivated raccoons will rip right through these damaged vents if they're given the opportunity. To keep your home and chimney safe from San Jose wildlife, the professionals at Critter Control will install the right vent covers for your home. 

  • Installing chimney caps and screens

Chimney caps and screens are important for keeping wildlife and the elements out of your San Jose home. If you're missing a chimney cap or screen, or the one you have is damaged, call the experts at Critter Control of San Jose. 

  • Closing entry holes

Animals like mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime. It's important for your home's wildlife maintenance to ensure all holes are sealed. The team at Critter Control of San Jose will use their trained eye to ensure your home is sealed tight from unwanted visitors. 

What animals get into your chimney?

If your chimney isn't properly sealed, animals can get inside and make their nests. Common animals to get into your chimney include raccoons, birds, and rodents.

Raccoons in the Chimney

If your chimney has a missing or damaged cap, raccoons will get inside to get away from the elements and have their babies. Even if your chimney cap is on but unsecured, raccoons can get inside. They have great dexterity in their paws and will rip the chimney cap off if they want to get inside. You might hear the baby raccoons in your chimney making a mewing noise. 

Birds in the Chimney

If you have a missing chimney cap, it's common for birds to find their way inside. They will cover the chimney with droppings which can spread diseases. 

Rodents in the Chimney

Rodents can sense warm air leaking out of your home from afar, and if your chimney isn't properly sealed, they will sneak into your house through the available spots. A properly fitting chimney cap will keep your home protected from these mice, rats, and squirrels. 

These prevention and repair methods will decrease the opportunity for troublesome animals to get into your home. Call or Contact Us today for more information on solving all your animal problems. 408.915.2172