Getting Rid of Dead Animals in Your Home

The removal of dead animal carcasses in your home is an often overlooked step. It's more than possible that an animal has died while making itself comfortable in your San Jose home, and you might not have any indication other than an unpleasant smell you cannot locate. Animals may also have babies that get left behind and they can create additional problems in your chimney, attic, or walls.

Some signs of a dead animal in your San Jose home include:

  • Unpleasant odors
  • Stains on ceilings or walls
  • An increase in insect presence, like flies or parasites that can lead to diseases in humans

What do you do if you find a dead animal on your property?

If you find a dead animal on your property, proper disposal is essential for the health of you and your family. It's also important to avoid unpleasant odors lingering for days or weeks. It's common to find dead mice, squirrels, opossoms, raccoons, and skunks around San Jose homes. If the animal dies in your yard, it can be disposed of through various means according to the regulations of your area. The team at Critter Control of San Jose can assist in the removal of the dead animal in the yard. 

If an animal dies in your home, more sanitization is necessary after the removal. Deceased animals release fluids that create a stench that lingers. If the animal starts to degrade against your drywall or in your insulation, the fluids can soil the area. Dead animals also carry diseases. If you find one of these animals has died in your home or yard, call our team of experts for proper removal and sanitization of the area. After we remove the animal(s), we incorporate special deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to get rid of the smell.

How do you get rid of dead animal smell?

When our team comes to remove a dead animal, we will also eliminate the odor left behind. We have special pet-safe odor eliminators that eliminate the odor. We also disinfect the area to remove the lingering germs that could cause more odor. 

If other critters like bugs, flies, or worms smell the dead animal in your home, they will come to eat it. It's important to remove the animal and the odor so these critters don't flock to your home to consume the dead animal. 

How do you know if an animal has died in your home?

The first sign that an animal has died in the house is usually the odor. If you follow your nose, you can usually find where the deceased animal is. Keep in mind, the dead animal could be in a vent or behind the drywall. Other spots a dead animal could be living include under floorboards, under the porch, in the attic, in the chimney, or in the crawlspace. 

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