Getting Rid of Dead Animals in Your Home

Sometimes overlooked in the wildlife removal process is getting rid of dead animals. It's more than possible that an animal has died while making itself comfortable in your San Jose home, and you might not have any indication other than an unpleasant smell you cannot locate. Wildlife animals may also have babies that get left behind and they can also die and begin decaying in your chimney, attic, or walls.

Signs of Dead Animals in Your San Jose House

  • Unpleasant odors
  • Stains on ceilings or walls
  • An increase in insect presence, like flies or parasites that can lead to diseases in human

Contact Critter Control of San Jose today and we will remove your wildlife animal problem, but the remaining carcass could lead to new issues. Animal carcasses leave a disgusting lingering odor, and this carcass can cause health issues, infestations of insects, and stains. After we remove the animal(s), we incorporate special deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to get rid of the smell. Call today for more information on solving all your animal problems. 408.915.2172