Protect Your San Jose Attic with Vent Guards

Your San Jose attic is a common nesting area for a number of wildlife animals, including bats, birds, raccoons, and more. These wildlife animals can get into your attic for a variety of reasons, including their small size, their chewing or ripping ability, and more. Once these animals get inside your attic, the damage can be incredibly costly, from insulation stains and odors, structural beams and wires being compromised, which can lead to electrical wires.

vent guards in San JoseDamaged Vent Covers

Over time, the vent guards on our home degrade. This leaves holes and openings for wildlife to enter. Animals like mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, so even the tiniest holes in your vent cover can allow animals inside. Once the wildlife has entered your home, they start their destructive behavior. From ripping insulation to soiling the space with urine and feces, wildlife in your San Jose home can cause a lot of damage. 

Keeping bats and birds out of attic vents can also keep them out of your home. From attic fan vent guards and roof vent guards to gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs, our team of San Jose professionals will handle every aspect of your attic vent protection efficiently and effectively. Call Critter Control of San Jose today at 408.915.2172 to protect your San Jose attic.