Dealing with Squirrels and Raccoons

Your garden deserves to be protected from pests like squirrels and raccoons. Here are some issues these critters can cause, and tips on how to keep them away!

Problems with Squirrels in the Garden:

Plant damage: Squirrels’ digging tendencies damage root systems, fruits, vegetables, tree bark and more. Their search for an appropriate nesting area can also compromise your garden.  Squirrels are also carriers of diseases and parasites, and they often steal bird food and seed.

Do Raccoons Cause Trouble in Gardens?

Raccoons are similar to squirrels in that the damage they cause to gardens is a lot of crop damage—they’re opportunistic feeders that will eat fruits and vegetables in addition to decorative plants. Raccoons are a unique visitor in their penchant for scavenging in trash bins, often scattering debris across yards.


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