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Lorena H.
Mike a joy. Very knowledgable and pleasant.
Pranav P.
Pranav P.
Pranav P.
Pranav P.
Patrick C.
Awesome job, thank you!
Mike S.
We had rats in the garage and in our walls. The first job was to set traps and to seal up the possible entrypoints into the house, and we caught some rats, but some remained -- for weeks and weeks. Eventually they caught the last one and realized that they'd been getting water by chewing into some water jugs we had stored in the garage. I really appreciate that they kept coming back and working to fix things until the rats were gone. Long, tedious, and thorough work. Thank you.
Miles I.
Excellent service - I appreciate the time and patience of Chris and Mike and Steve - answering my questions and taking care of my problem. thanks to the office billing and services miles
Ross F.
David always arrived on time or was early. His explanations were always complete and easy to understand. He was always courteous and professional. Likewise everyone on the phone was professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend Critter Control!!
George S.
David did a great job assisted by Frankie. Yeah, i trust those guys which is my highest compliment. Thank you, George
Ross F.
David arrived 20 minutes early! He was easy to work with and explained everything that easy to understand. Best of all, he located the dead animals and hauled them away. From my initial phone call to the the actual visit I am VERY impressed with Critter Control.
John W.
Appreciate great customer service and communication. Would recommend to others. Mike was super knowledgeable and appreciate his taking time to explain about the critters.
Terry C.
excellent job!
Harriet Y.
Steve and Frankie were our technicians and they were great! They were always very prompt, polite and responsive. Thank you so much!
Michelle G.
All of the service appointments have been exceptional! Timely, performed with minimal disruption, all questions asked - and a cat rescue in the crawl space as well!
Ganapathy K.
Very happy with the service. Very prompt arrival on time much appreciated. Thanks
Matthew H.
Critter Control is a high end service company. The office staff is well informed, efficient and professionally minded. Chris the technician's confidence is appreciated. He is conscientious with serving the customer and helped design a treatment plan to handle the current issues. We are terribly grateful for the service from Critter Control. 5 Stars across the board!
Shelly J.
Thank you for coming out so promptly to ease this poor animal’s suffering. I appreciate it so very much. Thank you, Shelly Jimenez
Megan F.
Excellent service
Cynthia M.
Wow! She's in the trap.
Bruce P.
Steve is excellent. He arrived early, completed all repair work, and sent before/after pictures of the repairs. Excellent work and great customer service. I really appreciate Steve doing this work!
Bruce P.
Steve is excellent. He identified the rodent problem, set traps, and over three weeks, caught all of them.
Dawn U.
Great service! Always alerts you to their arrival time. Communication is excellent. Services provided were excellent. I would recommend this company and Steve to anyone!
Joe D.
Very professional, thorough, good clear communication. Caught that one rat that was over kitchen (and not easily accessible from attic).
Joe D.
Very professional, thorough, good clear communication. Nice also having extra techs come at end of day to finish work in one day.
Joe D.
Very professional, thorough, good clear communication.
Joe D.
Very professional, thorough, good clear communication. Caught 4 rats!
Joe D.
Very professional, thorough, good clear communication.
Tahmra R.
Critter Control San Jose is awesome! Super helpful, quick to respond and affordable. David and Andrew are very knowledgeable and have provided outstanding service! We definitely would recommend them to anyone needing to rid or defend their space of unwanted critters!
Ashley S.
technician was great--explained everything well.
Sriram G.
We had a great experience working with the crew from Critter Control San Jose. They patiently listened to our observations, we came up with strategies and ended up fixing suspect areas, trapping a couple of rats. Problem seems to have been solved and hope we don't need to call them again
Bethany G.
Great crew and service!
Patrick C.
Khoa did an awesome job - thanks!
Heidi Y.
super professional and very nice service
Janice B.
Chris responded quickly and professionally to our call for help with an unidentified animal in our house frame. He investigated and reported back thoroughly — including with photos of sitings on our property — and was generous and understanding in his sharing of knowledge and empathy for our concerns. He was great to work with.
Minnie C.
The crew was terrific, polite and efficient. They did a great job.
Brian C.
Highly professional group with great service! I will use them again in a heartbeat!
Michael T.
Amazing service, very professional.
Daniel M.
Robert Furtado was great. He was super professional, respectful and a pleasure to work with. Five stars any day of the week for how my warranty was handled by him. Thanks again!
Palig D.
Excellent job! Very professionally done!
Doug G.
Steve showed up right on time for both appointments. He looked over our house and found it to be well sealed, but showed me very convincing evidence that we had raccoons on our roof - this was the source of the sounds we heard. He put some traps in our attic just to be sure, and they were undisturbed. Very happy with the service.
Sue B.
Answered the call promptly, Arrived at the specified time, called to discuss results. All went just according to plan. 100% satisfied.
These guys know what they are doing and do whatever is needed well!
Richard G.
Rob has been on-time, efficient, knowledgeable, and a gentleman!
Jeff E.
CJ was professional and friendly. He explained everything that he was going to do along the way and gave us helpful hints for preventing future problems with rodents. He typically arrived in a timely manner, calling when he was running late. The text reminders were very helpful as well. I hope that we don't need assistance again, but if we do, I will call Critter Control again.
Mark L.
Outstanding service! Thanks so much for doing such a great job!
Mahadevan I.
good service
Linda N.
We are very happy with the service from Critter Control. They came out the same day we called and took care of our problem immediately. I would definitely recommend them.
Sandra J.
Very helpful and careing
Johanna B.
Robert was thorough, knowledgeable and communicated clearly his findings and the service options. Definitely 5 star and I would recommend them for handling indoor rat or mouse problems to everyone.
Thomas C.
Service was very convenient. We did everything over the phone. They took care of the issue that afternoon.
Jamie G.
Excellent customer service and follow up. Thank you Chris.
Gerry F.
Excellent job, very quick response
Ralph R.
Great service. Thanks
Gale O.
Excellent service by Rob. Always on time, repair work done efficiently, trap checks done quickly. I would recommend Critter Control to others looking for rodent control. Rats and Squirrels gone.
Pat H.
Rob was on time, friendly, efficient, skilled and good at communicating. Showed me his work and it was well-done.
Sawsan G.
Robert from Critter control-did a great job to understand/resolve the frequent noise at night, on the roof. He started by setting up traps in the attic and checking on them. In addition, he identified the possibility of entry points, and recommended the repair options. Robert came back and professionally screened the entry points we agreed on. I am pleased with the work delivered, and I highly recommend critter control and their staff.
Jay J.
Fast and efficient!
John C.
Great service and work! Steve was great and very responsive!
Greg M.
Robert was very thorough, professional, and friendly on his several visits. Always took the time to explain the work to be performed and I appreciated the photos as well. Thanks!
Glenn W.
Always professional
Susan J.
Thank you Steve! It was great meeting you. I will definitely call you if I ever have this problem again, but in the meantime, it is awesome to have the house not full of uninvited guests!
Vijay U.
great service
Sarah C.
Great job - thank you so much!
Diana Z.
Looks great! Hopefully no more squirrel s in the attic!
Millie W.
Steve has been acting very responsible and knowledgeable.
Jim L.
Steve is awesome!
Richard W.
A job well done. Thank you.
Niki C.
thanks for taking care of the animal problem
Glady S.
Thank you Steve for coming to take care of an urgent dead animal. Even though the contact was finished as of September, you took the time to help us. Not only did you remove the dead critter, but you made sure that the entry port was identified!! Thanks!
Mike M.
These guys were very helpful. Knowledgeable. Responsive.
Eric H.
These guys are awesome! Steve was fantastic throughout our entire job. Super professional, on-time and thorough. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend him!
Carla O.
Great company!
Roger S.
Good service. On time with quality. It would be nice, if your work report includes location/map of the trap, servicing area in the house. So, the next engineer will get more information on how to serve.
Heleyna G.
Amazing service! I'd recommend you 100% of the time.
Roger S.
I am happy with Critter Control's service. The service engineer is on time for the appointment. He has good skill with friendly attitude. He had solved rats problem in my house. Will recommend Critter Control for others.
Ganga N.
Mike is great! Rats have not yet taken to the traps- hope they go away soon.
Quan N.
Mike did a great job. He was courteous, professional, and thorough. Keep up the good work!
Naomi A.
Michael did a GREAT job at our house. He was punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, patient and thorough. We appreciated that he listened to our concerns, identified & repaired some problem areas, and provided advice for changes we could make on our own. Our problem seems to be solved! Thank you!
Carla O.
Critter Control is awesome. They are thorough, clean & professional. Steve & his crew are super friendly & we highly recommend their company for any Critter issue.
Erica S.
Marge B.
Good service. Well done.
Beverly V.
Great job, Critter Control, love the quick response and professional service..keep up the good work...will definitely use your service in the future and recommend to others..thanks!
Kate M.
Fantastic service. Mike was thorough, polite, knowledgeable. I would definitely call Critter Control again if I had a problem.
James S.
We've been very satisfied with your service....Mike is great!
David T.
Great service and great team.
Peggy J.
good service, thank you for your fast response. will call again if needed.
Eric H.
Steve was fantastic - prompt, thorough and professional. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone.
Lettie W.
Excellent service from the entire team. Honest and up-front from the start. Thanks.
Brent F.
Critter Control did a great job of getting rid of our unwanted houseguests. I would recommend them to anyone with a wildlife problem on their property.
Victor H.
Professional,timely,effective and courteous.
Nancy M.
Terrific job. Thanks Robert & Steve & the weekend guy.
Mike M.
great job, thank you
Alicia R.
Great service - fast, responsive, knowledgeable. I'd use Critter Control again without question.
Wendy W.
They were courteous, on time, and thorough. Would definitely hire them again.
Pam H.
5 stars for Critter Control who has been taking great care of our house and property for many years. They have had to deal with all kinds of bad situations and have always been successful. Their technicians are first rate and very personable. Pam Hakman
Dan H.
Great job, Got rid of the Racoons for us, Thank you
Linda G.
It was a job well done. Still very expensive since I had the same thing done about a year and a half ago. Robert did a good job. Professional and thorough.
Patrice P.
Steve caught my unwelcome visitor within 20 minutes of putting out traps, then he returned the next week to seal all the spaces where roof rats (or other vermin) could enter the house. Critter Control did a fantastic job, and I've already raved about their services to several friends.
Krista H.
Thanks so much Critter Control. From beginning to end you were extremely professional, knowledgeable and honest. I'm so happy we went with Critter Control for this job!!! Thanks so much Steve!!!
Alyson G.
Steve was beyond amazing! Such a huge help and a great person to work with. Thank you so so much for all of your help!
Toni H.
Very good service.
Neeta M.
These guys are so professional and know how to take care of things!
Lisa H.
Great job!
James L.
Critter Control gets a five star rating, as they have been very easy to work with, they are prompt in checking the traps and picking up any trapped critters. We have been extremely pleased with the staff members and the work they do for us. Management Solutions Inc. for the Shadow Wood HOA
Joey L.
It was great!
Sherri M.
Excellent help!
Mary C.
Always great job.
Elyce M.
Work was completed in a timely and efficient manner with consideration for the customer's needs. The technician, Steve, was not only fair and thoughtful, but very pleasant and competent. You may take care of my "critters" any time!! Thank you.
Eva B.
Excellent service by Chris
Thomas G.
Can't think of anything that could have been done better.
Peter C.
Rob was thorough and explained everything, plus just enjoyable to talk to.
Susan I.
Critter Control is THE place to call for a quick response and excellent customer service.
Nancy M.
Steve did a terrific job! Caught and removed 3 rats and plugged up the many holes in this 100 year old home. Thanks!
Kenny F.
Great job. Very prompt.
Clarissa O.
Great job! I will always recommend your company!!
Phillip K.
Thank you for the professional service. No doubt that I will recommend your service to anyone in this Bay area.
Kelly M.
Very satisfied and happy about the 30 day service, in the event that we have another visitor
Dean S.
Steve is the man. He has done the best job possible trying to resolve my townhouse's rat problem. I had caught my own rats for the past 7 years until I had enough, so I called Steve at Critter Control. He has completely sealed up my building's rooftop so that no more rodents can get in to the attic. He has been working on my townhouse roof for almost two years now... recently rats have chewed through some vents above my garage, but hopefully the reinforced vents are completely secured now thanks to Steve. I am extremely happy with Steve's hard work and diligence. Dean
Jason H.
Rob is fantastic. Knowledgeable and friendly.
Rachel M.
Great job fast responce time.
Kevan W.
Clean, efficient and effective.
Loretta D.
Thank you, Chris and Steve. You were prompt, courteous and most helpful. It wasn't the easiest crawl space to get into, but Steve did, and keeping all the dust and dirt to a minimum. The skunk is gone and hopefully the smell.
Phillip K.
Chris and Steve are professional and highly recommended. Thank you
Al E.
Chris was great. Showed up quickly after we described the problem to drop off the trap. The possum was caught the very next day and Chris picked him up promptly. Very easy and smooth process. Would recommend them anytime for someone with a critter problem.
Dorothy S.
It was a relief to work with you . The worry started to go fast, you and your team are great. Very efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks for a job well done. Dorothy
Yangfan Q.
Steve did a really awesome job. I really enjoyed to work with him.
Elizabeth A.
Chris was awesome. He was super prompt at calling me back. Very patient and courteous manner. Extremely professional. Called 10 mins to arrival. listened to our concerns, provided feedback and suggestions for our particular situation. Would highly recommend.
Diane I.
Squirrels and rats gone from my attic - quiet restored!
Gary B.
Stevw was incredible. He went right to the heart of the problem. Critter control is now on the top of our list of outstanding companies for recommendation
Mary N.
I was very pleased that your company could come out the same day I called to remove the dead carcus of the animal on my property. Thank you very much!!
Jim B.
Steve was very thorough in locating all the possible access points. We haven't heard a thing since! I learned a lot about rodents as well!
Gary W.
Thank you, very much. Your service was prompt, efficient, and handled our critter issues with minimum fuss. I appreciate the suggestions your staff had, and their curtesy. Gary
Mike B.
Critter Control and their staff are professional, efficient and friendly. Highly recommended!
Ann Marie
Great job!
Dave S.
This is the third time we have used Critter Control. The entire crew was professional and extremely attentive. Thanks to them we now rid of TWO families of skunks, a raccoon and a possum! We high.y recommend them.
Sheryl S.
All the men who serviced the traps were so courteous and took time to answer questions and give explanations when needed. Service was extremely prompt. Thank you so much. I will certainly use your services again if necessary as well as recommend your company to others.
Annette G.
Excellent and prompt work!!
Jan B.
Jim sure knows his rodents. Thank you for a clear evaluation.
Steve W.
A clan of really destructive squirrels recently moved onto my property here in Los Gatos near an open green space. Critter Control quickly took charge, placing and setting the appropriate traps. They captured not only the uninvited squirrel clan but also a number of ground rats and, at least for now, efficiently eliminated the critter problems. They also repaired and covered suspicious areas that could possibly be trouble spots allowing entry for future damage.
Roger K.
one day to set the trap, another to pick it up and the two pups. Thank you for getting rid of my Raccoon problem.
Steve S.
Thank you for the excellent help.
Ed A.
Very positive experience! Super enthusiastic crew.
Susan F.
As always excellent, caring and thorough service. Jim is a stellar spokesperson for your excellent service. I know I can always count on all of you. Have a fine holiday. Susan Fuller
Pam H.
Steve always does a very good and complete job and has a great, warm personality.
Julie M.
Thanks for a great and thorough job.
Nancy D.
The work, thus far, has been done to my satisfaction. Mike always on time and very professional.
Daelene G.
Once again, a job well done! Thanks guys!! Daelene Groff
Katie B.
Thank you!!!!
Daelene G.
What a pleasure to deal with Critter Control! A job well done.....thanks very much! Daelene Groff
Donna W.
Jim took utmost care in treating our house for rodents- making sure they were captured, sealing the crawlspace area, and making sure they did not return. He really did take care of our house well and was very communicative about the whole process. He's a real gem and I appreciate his expertise in this field. He made me feel comfortable with each step of the process. Today was the trap check and it all came out clear. No more rodents in the crawlspace-- What a big relief! And peace of mind. Thank you Jim for your expertise! I'll be referring Critter Control and in particular, Jim, to all my family and friends.
Bruce D.
Chris and Mike are first-rate pro's.
Beverly N.
Thanks for being very responsive and good to work with. You guys are always able to get here within a reasonable amount of time to retrieve the animals & re-bait the traps.
Elaine D.
A few days ago I saw a rat run from our house to the fence and assumed that the stinkers were back. Two years ago Critter Control removed several rats from under the house and sealed all openings, preventing further intrusions. The work was thorough and I was surprised to see another rat. This week Chris came, inspected and found only one tiny, possible entry point. He ensured there were no rats under the house and sealed it up. Because the repair was so minor and he found no signs of rats under the house, he did not charge us. I would recommend Critter Control without hesitation. Their work is professional, courteous, and fair. Got critters? Call them.
Marie M.
Very knowledgeable worker. Very efficient and friendly.
Sam W.
Great efficient work
Phil W.
Dan S.
Work done professionally and efficiently
Sudhakar R.
Jim was fantastic!
Mike W.
Jim was amazing during this entire process (not just today, but for the last 2-3 weeks). He was prompt, polite and professional. I particularly appreciated how he thoroughly explained every process and why he was doing it. After working with Jim I don't want to work with any other person or company.
Teresa D.
Love Critter Control of San Jose--efficient, easy to get a hold of, and kind. Thanks Critter Control!
Terry N.
Jim did another excellent job for us. I will recommend Critter Control to our friends.
Donna W.
It's a breath of fresh air that someone in the profession of wildlife control takes his job seriously and is very professional. Jim communicates very well and it is obvious he likes his job. He is able to walk me through the process of catching rodents and treating the home so rodents don't return. If I have any questions, he is very patient in answering them all. It's very apparent he takes pride in his work. I'm very happy that Jim was our technician.
Chris K.
Very pleased, thanks Steve
Chris K.
great work, thanks again Steve
Brent R.
Jim was very professional, explained the process, performed the inspection, and explained the follow-up steps (including the quote for recommended repair work). Very nice experience considering the nature of the problem!
Erin C.
Thank you Steve
Mark L.
Outstanding, prompt, service. Thanks Critter Control!
Paula Y.
Mike was great and answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns.
Jeff S.
Very professional
John H.
Great work!
Teresa D.
Kent J.
I have been very pleased with the service I received! No surprises, service with a smile, and very responsive communication. Everyone I met or spoke to from Critter Control was friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend their service!
Mike W.
Chris was great at scheduling a rat removal at the last moment and Steve did a great job performing the dirty job.
Chris K.
Excellent work as always, thanks again Steve
Rafael & Maria S.
Mike does a great job, he's knowledgable, friendly, efficient and helpful. Would recommend Critter Control based on our experience with Mike. Rafael Santini
Donna L.
The team did a great job in finding and removing a dead opossum. They were very professional and did a thorough inspection identifying points of entry.
Excellent service and very knowledgeable
Shirley S.
Thanks !!
Kent J.
Great service with a smile.
Great work
Shirley S.
Jim was very informative, very professional and made me feel at ease with my skunk problem.
Shirley S.
Thank you for getting someone out to my property as soon as you could. I appreciate the effort.
Shirley S.
I just want to thank you for all your help !! You guys do a great job and are very responsive.
Shirley S.
All of the people that you have sent out have done a great job. One that I would never do !!
Heather L.
I have been very happy with Critter Control. Our Wildlife Technician, Jim, has been professional, prompt, courteous, and has produced excellent results. He explained how he would solve our pest problem, and things went exactly as he described. We always knew what to expect and within 3 visits the problem was completely taken care of. Communication with this company is excellent. I receive confirmation emails promptly, and when there was a minor scheduling issue, they called me right away to resolve the problem.
Denise K.
I love these guys. They call you back right away and pick up the critters. Prompt, friendly and courteous.
Janis Z.
Excellent customer service and got the job done! Appreciate the technicians were friendly, helpful, and always on time for appointments,
Shirley S.
Once again, the skunk was taken away in a timely manner. Thank you !!
Steve P.
Thank you, the job was done quickly and professionally. It was very nice to meet a different expert on 3 days in a row, with each showing the same deep knowledge and perfect professionalism. We will always call Critter Control of San Jose with any critter issue that comes up, and have been pleased to recommend you to our friends.
Shirley S.
I need to talk with someone about next steps.
Shirley S.
Please call to set up spraying and repair work.
Karen B.
Quick and complete service.
Shirley S.
Mike is a very good representative for Critter Control. I can't wait for Thursday !! Thanks !!
Alain B.
Jim was great. Having a rat in the house is not fun, but while doing a very thorough job at catching the rat, his sense of humour made it very pleasant. Next time, we'll call your company and ask for Jim to do the job. Sincerely Alain Brie
Very polite and Knowledgeable people. I have had to call them out twice, on two separate occasions and I am very please with their service.
Brenda P.
Prompt and great follow up.
Bill S.
Steve and Mike did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem with bird mites in nests in our attic vents they came out and sealed up the openings around our house and did a superb job I would recommend them wholeheartedly. They were respectful of our property and cleaned up after they we're finished.
Shannon Y.
Fast response and great service. Thanks!
Ann W.
Critter Control did a fantastic job! Every person I dealt with from start to finish was professional, personable and prompt. Every visit was confirmed ahead of time, and, in the one instant where a technician was running a tiny bit late, I received a phone call to let me know of the delay. I would not hesitate to contact them again if I ever have anther rodent problem and I am recommending them to family and friends.
Shirley S.
Sorry -- I mixed up the surveys - Jim was great yesterday, and the two Mikes were great today. They took out the skunks without incident and replaced the traps. I look forward to have my skunk problem resolved.
Yuh-Juan H.
Great job! Explain the procedure and followup steps very clearly in all his visits. David is simply great!
Lynda J.
Jim came out and found problem. Good service. Professional.
Alain B.
so far, excellent
Nikhil R.
Jim is just the best professional I have ever interacted with. He is always on time, very considerate, does a great job of explaining everything and is a lot of fun to work with. Can't say enough good stuff about him! Job is always well done.
Al D.
Thank you, Chris.
Claudia S.
Very nice people to deal with. Friendly and professional. Appreciated flexibility in scheduling service.
Sharlene W.
David provided excellent service - he was reliable and knows his stuff! This is the second time that I used Critter Control and would call again if the need arises... thank you for catching the rats in my crawl space... -sharlene
Russ L.
Excellent as usual. See you on the 8th
Teresa D.
Efficient and dependable!
Angela C.
Michael is really thorough, friendly and professional. Thanks you!
Shelley C.
Timely response. Courteous workmen. I recommend this company.
Very nice people. Excellent job skills. Would recommend them to anyone that has a critter problem.
Teresa D.
As always, prompt and efficient! Thank you!
Natalie L.
Steve did a great job, thanks!!
David G.
So happy I called Critter Control.
Lou F.
Thanks for completing the job as agreed upon. The door threshold solution is very good and nicely installed.
Cathy B.
Thank You Critter Control for taking care of the pest/rodent issue at my Dad's house. The staff was awesome! Many thanks to Steve; he was on-time, did great work and even took time to answer the many questions from the many curious neighborhood children. Would definitely recommend Critter Control!
Teresa D.
Great experience!
Barbara T.
Professional and helpful as always.
Audrey S.
I meant to give you five stars for excellent service. Thank you.
Phil W.
You guys are the best. I've been working with you for over ten years, and always great.
Wendy W.
Great service. On time. Found the issues upon inspection (entry points where rats are getting in the attic) and quickly came up with a plan to fix the issues.
Chris K.
Thanks for the extremely professional work!
Martha K.
We love Skylar!
Romesh W.
Great as always...thanks.
Kim K.
I really appreciated the quick turnaround on the job Steve did. He was able to complete a lot during the time he was there. I have no worries in knowing he'll be able to complete the minor amount of work remaining in a timely manner. Many thanks to Steve for decreasing the "pigeon noise" in our roof/ceiling. Woo Hoo! Very happy!Loking forward to wrapping it up. Thanks a ton!
Al D.
Thank you for your quick response!! Connie, DPW Operations.
Matt S.
Awesome job! Would definitely recommend critter control!
Sandy M.
Job completed quickly by Skylar, who was on time and very knowledgeable.
Stephanie V.
Excellent job and great to work with. Thanks Chris!
Shirley E.
Very professional, timely and great to work with!
Andrea H.
Mike did a terrific job as usual! He thoroughly investigated where the animal might be getting in, gave me options, looked in the attic, left traps, and did an excellent job and everything. He is such a pleasure to work with. Everyone at Critter Control is great to work with, and you are very thorough in solving the problem. Thank you!
Steve T.
Excellent job!! Thank you!
Jennifer M.
These guys are awesome. They never complain about having to reset the traps. We have caught one of those pesky raccoons, and today we caught a skunk... it took a few weeks but it was worth the persistence.
Nancy H.
Skylar did a great job trapping both a rat and a squirrel, as well as doing repairs on our home. We especially appreciate his knowledge and dedication in coming back a second day to track down the dead squirrel in our attic.
Bob M.
Meant to put 5 stars -- Sorry
Armondo P.
Prompt arrival after call was made. Thanks!
Tay V.
Fearless, well-informed pest problem-solvers!
Lokesh C.
I have a rental property in San Jose and had some rat concerns that were taken care of along with some minor repairs to vents, all in all these guys are a class act. I live 1500 miles away and left them to work with my tenants living in the house, 100% satisfied!
Vasil J.
Thanks a lot ! I am very satisfied!
Kyra H.
excellent service
Nancy H.
We were very impressed with Skylar's knowledge and professionalism.
Adrian K.
I was happy with Skylar. He was professional, courteous and it was clear that he knew what he was doing. I appreciated that he was on time, or if he was running late, he called me. He made in effort to not track dirt in the house. It was easy to talk to him and he answered all of my questions. I would request him again.
Sally C.
Thank you for the prompt service!!
Jim Y.
Excellent, thorough and timely.
Joel V.
Inspection - Fast, thorough, and professional. Thanks!
Roman S.
It was really great doing business with you guys!
Paul V.
Dave did an excellent job! he's a true professional. Will use the service again
Gary E.
Thanks guys, you were quick, got the job done, and had great, efficient communications. I will definitely be calling you next time the raccoons come back!
Ryan M.
Skylar did an excellent job at pinning down the rodent problem, their entrance, setting traps and devising a plan of attach. thank you! Ryan Monaghan 408-910-5440
Gary A.
Thank you for a job well done! I feel comfortable recommending Critter Control to any friends that may need your services.
Gary A.
another thorough job by Skyler!
Tom C.
Very good service at a reasonable price. Mike took the time to explain his work and answer all my questions.
Rebecca F.
Always polite and pleasant!
Sherry P.
Great service. David was always on time and very courteous. Did a great job with the rodent proofing/repairs.
Steve M.
Nancy H.
Skylar is doing a wonderful job of tracking down the rodents and performing repairs. He is courteous, hard working, and knowledgable. We are very pleased with the progress.
Denise F.
I didn't realize you could have a good experience dealing with rats in and around your house, but Mike has been great! He is a true professional and has gone the extra mile to get things done right. He is hard working, extremely knowledgeable and always shows up on time. I would highly recommend Critter Control if you have unwanted critters!
Sharon H.
The work at our home was completed in a timely manner.
Gary A.
Five stars for Skylar. His knowledge and manner are of a true professional. I appreciate everything he has done so far in trying to eradicate my rodent problem.
Patrick Ignoffo
Elena Beyers
Good service, on time, experts. Been using them for 20 years. Highly recommend this business.
Stella O
Khoa and Amber were thorough, friendly, and on time. Can't thank both of them enough for helping to take care of my rodent problem. Would highly recommend them!
Rich Wales
In spite of being pretty careful about sealing up possible entry points to my house, I heard a scratching sound from a wall in my kitchen a few weeks ago. These guys came out and quickly identified the problem and found the point of entry, as well as several other possible entry points around the perimeter of my house. They set traps and gave me an estimate for repair work, which I reviewed with them in detail and then approved. Work was completed efficiently on time and very professionally. I don't envy these guys their jobs - they work in some pretty nasty conditions. But they were knowledgeable, responsible, very professional, and seemed to genuinely enjoy solving my problem. I trust that they could deal with almost any residential pest problem. Their objective is to seal up your property so nothing can get in as opposed to coming to your house to spray it with poison every month. So far so good!
Ashley Lawton
Khoa was the employee who handled everything at my home. He was always on time, professional, friendly, well spoken and competent, and willingly to answer any questions I had. After discovering rat activity I contacted Critter Control for an inspection ($199 for my single story ~1500sf home) to get more information about the problem. The inspection was very detailed including photographs of all the possible problem areas that needed to be fixed as well as the price to fix each issue. I contacted Critter control for more information about how the problems would be fixed and why some areas were noted as needing fixing. The response I got from the Chris was very detailed and answered all of my questions and demonstrated he knew what he was talking about. I proceeded with having all the repairs done as well as paying for their trapping service ($399 for initial trap setup in both attic and crawlspace, and 3 follow up checks). Everything was done as promised and pictures were provided to show all of the fixes that were performed. Due to scheduling, the repairs couldn't be done until the 3rd trap check, so I got an extra trap check for free to ensure nothing was trapped after the repairs had been completed. Even though the repairs have only been done for a week, I have confidence that should I have any issues Critter Control will stand behind their work and do any necessary follow up. Originally I had planned on only getting the inspection and doing the repairs and trapping myself, and this is definitely something that you could do if you are comfortable with it - the inspection provides all the details you need to address any issues. But ultimately I felt Critter Control would do a better job than I would, and that it was worth paying the premium to avoid the hassle myself and have the professionals take care of the issue. While they may not be the cheap, you do get what you pay for.
Michael Glackler
In a time when customer service seems nonexistent Steve was always on time, professional, friendly, and conscientious. He was thorough and successful. I feel very confident recommending Steve and Critter Control.
Mary Teh
Steve did a great job helping out getting rid of rats in the crawl space. He is always on time, polite, friendly and effective. He knows what he is doing and is very honest to us. I highly recommend him!
Carol Uyeno
Khoa did a thorough and careful job with our inspection, working with us on trapping, and repairing possible entry points for our roof rat visitors. He is an exceptionally honest, trustworthy, and good guy who carefully followed all Covid-19 safety protocols. They provide a very professional report of entry points with photos and recommendations and their pricing was fair. Our roofline is steep, and although I wish they could have done more work for us up there, they were honest about insurance restrictions and recommended that we instead hire qualified roofers for that part of the job. Critter Control was recommended to us by another pest control company who is swamped and no longer traveling to our area. After hearing horror stories about other pest control companies, we feel lucky to have been referred to Critter Control and if you choose them, we recommend that you ask for Khoa.
Joellen Ryan
They were very helpful. Can be alittle expensive but worth it
Thomas Day
Critter Control is an awesome company and they do the hard work that the other big names Pest Control companies won't do. For example, they will get in the attic and search out the animals and place traps whereas the big companies will only check as far as they can reach in. Every time I go away from Critter Control I end up going back to them
Howard Ting
Steve was terrific and extremely knowledgeable, professional and generous with his time to explain everything. They've taken care of our rodent problems multiple times and I would highly recommend the.
Kelley Wolf
This company is very well organized and thorough. You are assigned one person and that person does all the inspection and follow up. Steve was very professional and courteous. The inspection was thorough and they sealed our home from rodents. It's not inexpensive but we paid half as much a few years ago to have the house rat proofed and it didn't work so we felt the investment was worth it. I found many good reviews for them online and through Nextdoor before hiring them. Steve also built custom doors for our crawlspaces which look great. Nice guys and easy to have around. I appreciated their hard work and professionalism.
Alison C
The Critter Control team provides very professional and effective service. We had been living in a rodent nightmare for nearly two years which no other service we that tried fixed. Finally, we contacted Critter Control. They provided us with pictures of the points of entry that the other services didn?t find. Critter Control did the repairs, again gave us ?after? photos and we haven?t had any unwanted critters since they did. The office staff is also polite and professional.
Taylor Ladisky
Benson Lai
Kathy Waddell
Andrew Robinson
Paula Russell-Gilford
Stephanie Cipresse
Critter Control helped us gain control of a rodent problem in our last home and now is helping to prevent rodent access in our new home. Steve is a pleasure to work with and is very diligent about finding every possible hole or crevice that could allow a rodent in. We've had no issues since Steve sealed up our house from these clever little invaders. I recommend Critter Control to anyone who needs help trapping or preventing entry. They do great work!
Latinlil Baker
Critter Control is the epitome of professionalism, expertise, and friendly-service. I cannot rate them highly enough. 10+ stars if I could. We have caught four rats under our house and tried to close every opening we could find. David and his teammate Andrew came out and at a glance spotted a half-dozen or more access points we missed because we simply don't know what to look for. We were fortunate too that they were able to do the repairs during the inspection. We're so relieved and they gave us info about maintenance and what to watch for so we're equipped to do our own prevention in the future. We had another service - very highly rated on Yelp - come out and the inspector told us we didn't have any signs of rats, even though we had already caught one, and caught a further three after he left. That was frustrating. Critter Control would never let that happen. Our techs were so conscientious and diligent, they even did a minor patch or two and didn't charge us, because they just want to make their customers happy. Oh - and they cleaned out a cat skeleton under the house that we knew was there but were too squeamish to go get. Bleck. I think their business is going to blow up because they're head and shoulders above the other highly rated company we tried, so call them now while you can still get on their calendar!!
Steven Schoch
I'm a big DIY fan so I tried DIY rodent control without any success. So I called Critter Control who sent Dave and Andrew. While maintaining social distance, they quickly crawled into places in our house that I try to avoid and set a bunch of traps. The next day, (at 2:29 a.m. exactly, thanks to our Nest camera) one of their traps caught a rat as it was trying to get into our crawl space. We called the office, who sent Dave and Andrew back to collect not only this rat, but 3 others they caught. They replaced the traps with new ones and will be back next week to see if they get any more rats. They also gave me a repair quote to patch the entry points, which I will accept, because so far their work looks very good.
Dean Bell
I had Critter Control put a cap on my chimney after an owl got into my house through the fireplace. It took 2 attempts before the right size cap was received, but that was no problem because they kept me informed along the way and always kept their appointments as scheduled or even arrived earlier when possible. I was extremely satisfied with the service provided, and it was a pleasure to have Steve complete the delivery and installation of the chimney cap. I highly recommend Critter Control.
Gordon Elder
Critter control did a good through job of analyzing my house and finding access points. Trapped well; got all rodents in first placement, none later. Steve was great guy, informative and did good work. Thanks!
Greg Custodio
Shortly after the weather changed to colder nighttime temperatures we started noticing scratching sounds in the crawl space under our kitchen area. Several weeks later we noticed rodent droppings in the area we feed our dog. Since there was the possibility it could be opossums, squirrels or raccoons in our crawl space our pest control service recommended Critter Control. Our assigned technician, Steve, was dispatched to perform a thorough inspection which included our crawl space, our attic space, our roof and our foundation. Within 24 hours after the inspection was completed we received a thorough report of issues and suggested resolutions. His primary observation was evidence of roof rats. We scheduled him for setting traps and, a week later, performing the structural repairs. Within a week after setting the traps we captured 4 rats inside and 3 in the crawl space. The mitigation work was performed and during the trap check no additional rats were found. The noises we heard previously also ceased. During the last trap check there was still no evidence of rodents or wildlife. We highly recommend Critter Control, Steve and Angelica for providing excellent customer service and completely resolving our issue in a timely manner.
Carla Olivet
We've been using Critter Control for many years, we started our relationship with a Racoon invasion that they helped us out with (11 total!) Then over the years due to our tile roof, we've had a bit of a rodent issue that Steve has always helped out with. Can't say enough good things about this company, from the office staff to the troopers that have to do the dirty work & never complain. We feel we have made a friend in Steve..Stay safe boys, glad you are still in business!! Don & Carla
Randi Sokoloff
David and Andrew were on time and on task! They provided me with the right amount of information regarding our rodent issue and kept me updated on their progress. On top of that they were always courteous and professional.
Michael Schmitz
Steve, Chris and Team did a great job. There was significant damage from a burst sewer pipe under that house. Yuck! They explained the situation so I was able to take care of it. They also took care of the rodent issues. I was very happy with their professionalism all the way through the process.
Sherrie Stone
I was having problems with a raccoon getting into my garage and from there into my house. Mike did a thorough inspection of possible ways the raccoon was getting in.. After blocking the most likely, they set traps. We didn?t catch the raccoon, but he didn?t get back in either. I was very impressed with Mike who did the inspection and set the traps. He was extremely knowledgeable and also very nice and the response from Chris in the office was first rate. The service was super easy to schedule and very efficient. They told us EXACTLY when they would be here (no 4 hr windows), and I feel like this service was an excellent value for the price!
Jerry Smith
Excellent service and quality work. They were always on time for the appointments and were very professional.
Like a few others have said, Critter Control of San Jose is easy to schedule and they are very honest and decent. I called a couple of other places and they all told me that they are scheduled out for over 1 week, or 10 days, or what have you, but Critter Control came out today--the same day I called them--on a Saturday no less. Also, Mike just gave me some good advice and did not even charge me. He showed me what to do and said, "Honestly, if it were me, I would not catch them. I would just seal that hole in your pool shed." Also, he gave me wire mesh to seal the hole and did not charge me. I would highly recommend them.
Mihir Bhagat
We wanted to hire Critter Control of San Jose but couldn't because unfortunately they don't cover our area. But with no incentive, Chris was still super helpful in explaining how the whole process worked and giving us unbiased advice. Highly recommend hiring them if you want people who care.
Larry Smith
Needed someone to come out to investigate noises in the attic. Read some reviews on Nextdoor and decided to give them a call. David came out to investigate. He identified potential entrance points, provided photos, proposed a plan, and set up a live trap to catch the squirrel(s). A total of three were trapped within a two day period. After several days of no activity and an empty trap, David and an assistant came to plug up and repair the previously identified potential entrance points. They were professional, courteous, and efficient in completing the repairs. The entire team at the San Jose office exceeded my expectations. Special thanks to Mike who came out to my house twice within four hour time span to remove two trapped squirrels, and set new traps.
Gabriela Armenta
Maureen Farrell
The Critter Control Team was very responsive, professional, and provided me regular updates. Highly recommend this team!! All my critters are gone!
Bonnie Sutphin
Last year Jake removed a possum from my crawlspace and plugged the holes. This year he rat-proofed my attic and plugged the hole. Everything he did was professional and punctual. When he did the crawl space last year, he crawled into the tightest space imaginable to trap the possum and replace a vent. This year, under warranty, he made numerous trips to my attic to get rid of a rat who repeatedly tripped the traps and ate the bait. Jake was always polite and easy to deal with. I hope I never need CC of SJ services again, but that's only because I don't want any more critters over or under my house!
Joshua Frantz
The work was top notch. Communication was amazing. Highly recommended.
Jay Jennings
For the initial inspection and follow-up appointments to check traps and repair access points around the foundation and roofline, Steve was on time, efficient and thorough. Highly recommended.
Jeff Smith
Steve did a great job helping deal with our racon issue. Great service and great solutions.
Minna Hinh
Rong Shen
James Smith
Kirsten Duggins
They were timely and professional. Steve was very efficient and pleasant and was very accommodating with scheduling. Would highly recommend them.
Laura Katicich
Service not for EVERY animal species
Susan Griffin
It seemed like a lot of work, but our technician did find two rats in the house--so it was worth it!
Robert Lloyd
Steve is great to work with. He knows what he's doing, he's courteous and considerate, he was always right on time, and he's personable and friendly--a joy to interact with despite the nature of the business at hand, which he explained clearly and took care of professionally.
Steve Hope
Technician was thorough and professional. Arrived on time and quickly performed the agreed upon work. Very friendly and customer service oriented.
Jeff B
I called Critter Control because I was having a raccoon problem and needed their assistance. They were extremely friendly, timely and very professional via phone, email and in person . I spoke or interacted with at least 4 people from the company and they were all really friendly people and great doing their job. They did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. They were always there on time to pick up any raccoons we got in the traps. I highly recommend them and will without question call them back if I ever need or have a large animal problem.
Rabia Adil
Friendly and very thorough with their work.
Kathy Lee
These guys are awesome!! They caught a pesky rat that woke me up everyday for weeks in the early hours scurrying around in my attic. I?m finally sleeping soundly again with no more critters. Yay! Their entire team (Luis, Chris, Dave, Steve, and Jake) were amazing! They are friendly, knowledgeable and have a great work ethic. They repaired every potential entry point around the outside of my house and went above and beyond their expected work responsibilities to ensure that my house is a safe haven again. Don?t hesitate in calling the Critter Control of San Jose!
Roman Shaposhnik
Critter Control was top notch in helping me deal with a dead animal problem: responsive and very professional! Highly recommended!
Greg Olsen
The Critter Control team quickly resolved my squirrel issue at a fraction of the cost others were seeking.
Yoshi Takebuchi
The initial inspection was done by another team member but he had since departed the company, so Steve took over the job. Steve and the team had set clear expectation about the job up front ? setting the mouse/rat traps, and repairing various parts of our house to seal off any openings from which mice and rats could enter. The job involved the total of four visits, with two of them being quick trap checks. They were punctual, polite, and very efficient. We are very happy with how the job went.
Gary Embler
Steve has inspected and sealed our house through three remodeling projects. Each time he has thoroughly sealed our house from squirrels and rats. Highly recommended.
Mark Rose
Super helpful service. They were very professional and help us deal with some unwanted house guests. They are very humane and know the area and also knew the animals really well. I would totally use them again and I highly recommend!
Paul Rosati
My mom's neighbor down the backside of her backyard called and said there was a dead deer starting to smell. I got the message and started calling around government offices at state and local and discovered they don't remove dead deer on private property. Luckily through google I found Critter Control. Chris called back right away, price seemed reasonable to me and he could do it same day. He was also honest in giving the name of a competitor who is larger company and maybe cheaper. I appreciated the honesty but never called the other guy. Deer was removed the same day and I got regular communication on work schedule and progress from Chris. I am extremely pleased with the service level from Critter Control and give them my highest recommendation.
Bianca Tamburrino
Chad is calm, down-to-earth and knows what he's doing. We had dual rat and squirrel problems and he managed to talk us through everything and set up traps that solved the problem. I hope we don't need to call him again, but it's good he is there if we need to!
Hien Nguyen
David was always on time or early. He was very knowledgable, respectful and professional at all times. He was very helpful in explaining the entire process and also gave recommendations when needed. I highly recommend David and Critter Control of San Jose!
Duy Nguyen
Great bunch of guys. Caught a family of racoons under my house. Fixed the vents. Haven't seen any critters since.
Robert Knourek
Great Company. We've had 2 guys out both were very careful and effective. No nonsense. I'd use them again.
Mark Kelsey
Critter Control provides fantastic service. Every visit was on time as scheduled. All of the team are friendly, professional and very capable. Our critter problem is solved. Definitely recommend Critter Control for any critter issues!
Allyson Schaeffer
David provided really great service for a rodent problem we had. He was also kind enough to review the estimate and help us determine which items were crucial and priority in order to build a plan that worked with our budget. He was courteous, professional, and punctual. Thanks, David!
Janet Bernadicou
Steve has been helping us keep critters out of our house for years. We have a challenging set up with oak trees and a Spanish style roof and he always figures out how to keep the critter out.
Paul Chui
Daniel Araldi
Critter Control helped us with skunks and rodents. They were timely, clean, effective and great with communication. Absolutely recommend this service. We are very grateful for their fantastic service.
Betsy Davis
Pamela Root
Great service
Jason Smith
Brad Chatten
Umesh Bhat
prakash patel
Elaine Yu
Ellen Bode
Denny Kim
Rich Marinaccio
Always Top Notch
Really appreciate the service I received from David C. at Critter Control. Unfailingly polite. Explained everything. Trapped 7 rats. Sealed up entry points. Emailed photos of all inspected areas. Just very porofessional.
Maria Jimenez
Prompt, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.
P Elkins
Luis was amazing and extremely competent.
Reyad Fezzani
Excellent service from Steven for a rodent - surveyed the whole property and went into crawl space to lay traps...followed ups few weeks later. Everything he told us played out as expected - would recommend to anyone with an issue. Its not the cheapest but definitely thorough and excellent service
Joan Laird
Luis was very thorough with his inspection. Arrived promptly, explained things well and followed up to complete the job. I highly recommend Luis and the entire Critter Control Company!
James Fan
Very efficient rats control jobs. Robert is very professional to help us to get rid of our roof rats and also did great job to seal all roof gaps. Highly recommend.
Doug Ikegami
Responsive, friendly and very helpful. We were having some rodent activity in our crawl space, and Critter Control helped to lay traps + double check all areas were properly sealed so that no future access can take place. Haven't had any rodent activity since, so fingers crossed it stays this way. Thanks Critter Control
Samuel Varghese
Robert was thorough and accurate with all his recommendations. He came back twice to make sure there were no more rats and based on his work and recommendations they were all gone. Great job Rob.
Leilani Ahern
Critter Control of San Jose was amazing from start to finish! Our critter expert, Jake, was super friendly, very professional and so helpful. Our problem took several visits to resolve but Critter Control stayed on til the job was done. I would recommend these guys hands-down to anyone who has an animal problem and wants a competent, expedient and highly-professional company to handle it!
Michael Farnia
Had squirrels living in my attic for over 3 months. Original company hired was an absolute disaster. After which I was referred to Critter Control of San Jose. From the very phone call I experienced absolute professionalism, honesty and extremely informative. Not to mention dependable and pleasant! Robert is amazing. He really knows his stuff. I now have vast knowledge on squirrels thanks to him. Last but not least as an animal lover his compassion is was very comforting.
Vijay Sarathy
David's professional and prompt service was much appreciated. He was always on time and very clearly explained what could be going on and what he was planning to do. After setting up traps in the attic and crawl space, he helped get rid a rat. He also did a good job inspecting the entry points around the house and helped seal them off.
Chris Tucher
Our service person was Robert and he came to the house three times, incl. several high-quality repairs to rodent-proof the house. He was pleasant and thorough. Thank you.
Robert Foglesong
Critter Control eliminated the rats that got into our crawl spaces. David was always on time, always willing to explain his work, terminated the rats, and sealed off possible rat entries. His work was excellent.
Cristin Grothaus
Robert came to my home several times to help eliminate a rat situation in the crawlspace. He was prompt - even early, with a call to make sure we were home - and was patient with my questions. He photographed the areas where the rats were gaining access, explained everything, then returned and completed the repairs. He also fit in an unscheduled visit to remove some trapped rats, rather than making me wait. While I hope not to need them, I would happily use Critter Control again in the future.
Tracy Sienknecht
Steve took a scary situation with wood rats in the attic by describing how they got in; how to remove that entry; and placed several traps to get rid of the critters. Their screeching and scratching was terrible! Steve left traps and came back twice to check them out. Nice to have a quiet house again.
Dan Gardner
They did a great job getting rid of the rats and mice we were having trouble with, both at my house and at a client's house - I work in property management. Sealed up the house well and haven't had a problem since. Very knowledgeable and professional. Much, much better than my experience with Orkin.
Oscar Hur
Jake M is wonderful, polite and attentive. We will definitely hire him again!
Leni Hazlett
Excellent work, always on time and great follow up.
Hyunjung Lee
Stephanie Keh
Renee Goumas
Just wanted to give a shout out to Robert. He took care of our home and my elderly neighbor's home for rodent issues. His work was superb and his professional customer service was exceptional. He explained everything in detail plus he continued to be quick and efficient at all visits. He's now referred to as "our guy" when we ever have a problem. Thanks Robert and Critter Control. We feel confident that our problem has been finished and we feel safe once again.
Sawsan B Ghanem
Critter Control -Robert- is very professional and he took his time to identify the entry points and close all of them. In addition he installed traps in all in all the levels. He came back multiple time to check the traps and to make sure the job is completed. Robert was easy to work with, he came on time and he finished the job as agreed up. I highly recommend Critter control.
Patricia Hancock
Critter Control provided a full-service experience, not only trapping our uninvited rodent, but locating and making repairs to insure no more entered into the house. I was impressed by their ability to identify the problem based on the signs different animals leave and their patterns of activity. It was expensive, but worth the peace of mind that it was a job well-done that could have cost more down the road.
Teri Rodgers
Critter Control gets a big thumbs up from me. They are responsive, informative, effective, and really nice guys. I highly recommend them!
sofjan goenawan
Robert Furtado is an excellent Wildlife Control Technician. He explained to us very clearly about the work natures, and responsibly completed the jobs. Our rodent problems in the house is now resolved. Before closing the work orders, Robert gave us suggestions and recommendations how to prevent future rodents and pests issue. We highly recommend Robert for your wildlife control issues.
Renzo Sanchez-Silva
KiYoung Nam
We had a rat problem and Rob came out for inspection and later did repairs. They charge upfront for the very 1st inspection, but it is worth because I saw many companies came out with free inspection and dump out a huge repair statement, which is nonsense. How can they give out a repair statement without detailed inspection? Critter Control was honest and fair. After repair, we haven't had any rat problem.